PAUL MARKS ~ Bass Guitar / BV's 

Name:       Paul Marks

Height:      5' 11

Birthday:   12th October

Eyes:          Brown


Past Recordings:
You're a Spy - The Orange Cardigan
My Life Machine - The Orange Cardigan
Crazy Neighbours - The Tender Trap
Just Some Kind of Groovy Mayhem - Angels in Aspic
Drive Me To The Centre Of Maximum Pleasure - Angels in Aspic
When Calm Is Overcome By Chaos - Angels in Aspic

Member of Other Bands:
The Orange Cardigan
The Tender Trap
This Big Trash
Angels in Aspic
Sticky Like Candy
Glam Slam

Top 5 Bands:
The Doors, T.Rex, Joy Division, The Birthday
Party, Smashing Pumpkins

What Have Been The Highlights For You:
Opening for The Birthday Party (The Rock Garden).
Supporting The Thompson Twins (Chat's Palace).
Number 39 in the USA New Jersey charts with
Angels In Aspic.
Seeing Bowie, Alex Harvey, Cockney Rebel, Bauhaus and
Rage Against The Machine (amongst others) live.
Joining T.Rextasy.

Guitars Played:
Fender Precision

Five Favourite Films:
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
The Hunchback of Notredame
The Elephant Man

Five Favourite Novels:
The Castle - Franz Kafka
The Glass Bead Game - Herman Hesse
Jude The Obscure - Thomas Hardy
The Gormonghast Triology - Melvyn Peake
La Symphonie Pastorale - Andre Gide

Effects Used:
None, just pure, fat bass.

Fave T.Rex numbers: .
Get It On, Jeepster, Cadilac, Buick Mackane And
The Babe Shadow.

Most Enjoyable Number You Play Live:
As above, and Children Of The Revolution, Jitterbug Love
and any number I can play high up on the E string or slide on!

Ambitions: .
To tour Europe.

My Message:
See you at the bar -and don't forget to wave!

Five Favourite albums:
The End - Nico
The Idiot - Iggy Pop
Electric Warrior - T.Rex
Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Junkyard King - The Birthday Party

Five Favourite TV Programmes:
Star Trek - The Original Series
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - Voyager

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